Especially towards the end of the last administration the sovereign nation of Israel has received unfair treatment. My idea would be to reversal thre o of the policies and treat the sovereign country like any other country. The first policy to stop the use of the term, "occupied terroritory" for the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel did not enter Gaza or the West Bank in the same manner that Sadaam Hussein enterd Kuwait or the Russian entered Afghanistan. Instead the West Bank and Gaza came into being as terrority, rightfully caputred during the Six Day, in which Egypt, Jordan, and Syria tried to destroy Israel. As a result of the war the terrorities became a part of Israel. This means Israel has a right to the land just like the US has a right to the land caputured from the Native Americans.

Second reversal would be to seek the reversal of the labelling of products that come from Israel. It serves no purpose other than to inflame feeling on the subject and it works contrary to public policy. Furthermore it seeks to further divide the public and as a consumer it will make me seek out products from Israel so that I can support the country.

Third would the removing the of war crime warrants and fear of being prosecuted for war crimes for Israeli diplomats entering the UK.

Why is this idea important?



This idea is vitally important because a UN mandate in 1948 created Israel and prior to the mandate it was a territory of the UK. For this discussion, I will avoid discussing the Balfour declaration, which I feel if Israel’s neighbours had accepted it would have brought long lasting peace and I will avoid recanting the repeated unprovoked attacks by Israel's neighbours in order to destroy the country. In any event, since it has a close historical ties to the UK the UK should do more, I feel, to foster that tie. Furthermore, by treating products from the country different than products from other developed nations it seeks to destroy the economy of a democratic country and make the country more susceptible to hostile actions from its enemies. Third, reason many people in this country have either religious or family ties with the country, which means what happens in Israel has an impact on the UK. Finally Israel is a sovereign country and its diplomats need to be afforded same respect that any other diplomat is afforded. Using the threat of war crimes only weakens the UK's influence over the country and it does nothing to improve relationship between the two countries. In my opinion, the government needs to re-think its penalizing approach to Israel and instead foster a relationship based on respect for each other's sovereignty.

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