Repeal this horrid forcing of the disabled to attend mandatory "medical assessments" to continue receiving DLA benefit which has already been approved by doctors.I myself disabled, and in work, receive DLA to compensate for the extra living expenses that my condiiton inflicts on me, I don't need another doctor, a stranger, a stranger paid to reduce cost, to tell me I'm disabled – I already know that ! So do my family, so do my doctors, who approved the benefit for me in the first place. So many of us disabled receiving DLA are in the same situation, and many vunerable, fearing this assessment, will be unable to cope

They may do harm to themselves, this may kill, cure nothing, help no one.

Why is this idea important?

To restore the disabled to a respectful place in society, knowing they will be protected by the stronge,and helped to enter fully into social life.

Not persecuted because we are weak, an easy target

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