Limit the number of appeals forced by an aggressive spouse.  Limit the costs that Solicitors can receive, private funding too, to a maximum of £ 15,000.

Stop innumerable Directions hearings that merely postpone rather than achieve a result but all cost up to £1,000 each to the paying party, costs to the Court Service too are incurred.

Revise and simplify the Court Service for Divorce, make most of it a paper exercise with impartial, separate interview of each party followed by adjudication. If one party fails to provide the details in a timely fashion they should be penalised.  Make Tax / Benefit  and bank  information  available to the Court directly from the Tax/ Benefit office and banks.

Currently if  parties are supposed to provide information before a hearing, and they fail to do so,  they should not  be heard.  Judges just allow the rules to be flouted and the law abiding suffer.

Why is this idea important?

To stop the misuse of an outworn system with resultant injustice and painand distress for usually the law abiding, – the cheats work the system.

Simplify the system and modernise it.

Save Legal aid and private funding.

Use an impartial, trained adjudication service and take adverserial argument away.

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