Open up Family Courts, place emphasis on children-in-families not children on their own, and severely reduce the power of the social services. Even police and lawyers comment on their powers.

Why is this idea important?

To possibly save one child from being hurt, and based on subjective probabilities, often based on little knowledge and exercised by young and inexperienced staff, literally hundreds of families are harassed and in many cases destroyed. Because family courts are closed, there is often little justice and social services often get decisions they want with little evidence to support them. They then become above the law. 

As a "protector" of my grandchild, I am horrified by the large amounts of money spent by the authorities on quite a trivial case, how little common-sense is shown, the vast bureacracy, and how my life and that of my daughter and her partner is controlled 24 hours a day and in a way that no criminal would be treated.


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