The Family Court System is a disgrace to our society.

Parents go to Family Courts to win and this causes unnecessary, adversarial action which can all too easily be avoided. No one benefits from this system. Not the parent who loses custody of their children, not the children themselves and not the parent who has won the custody battle.

The solution: It's easy. Treat both parents as equal. If parents knew that the Family Court System would only ever treat them as equal parents then they would have no choice but to come to an amicable agreement with the other parent.

Why is this idea important?

Children suffer terribly by not being fully nurtured by both their parents – all parents have something to offer their children.

The Government would save billions by minimising litigation and consequently reducing funding of the Family Court system. The Judges, the so called 'specialists and experts' such as CAFCASS and legal aid etc., it all costs a fortune.

The Family Court system is anti-feminist. By routinely handing custody to mothers and giving them the brunt of childcare they are sending mothers a very clear message of what it thinks the woman's role in society is.

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