Recently i was watching television news and have found that many childrens and family are destroyed because they are on thier own as the family are not with them as most laws allowed family to seperate and have thier freedom to use that they can be seperated and they get the most benefit out of government benefit system and ultimately children do adopt the same ideas views and thinking from departing family that is one thing  another is  as government should support to family to join together so child care can be handled by family member and they have the love to give children instead freedom by law whch protecting them to do unlawfull act in society. one roof for one family has got tremendous positive effect than seperate family .I work full time in pblic sector and my wife is willing to work full time as well but as we are only two adult in our family and we are not allowed to call our parents from india to support us as law does not support and they dont get help under NHS so we cannnot work both full time and someone from my family so we can pay more taxes and all government needs is may be parents needs  NHS support when they are here i pay £ 500 per month tax and NI on top of it  we want to contribute more to government but laws are not on right side to regenerate economy  family and the support us to do so..


wish i have clear wide range of ideas  and there are many families who may be come under the same problems..


wish my csuggestions could have reply please.


thanks for your website where we can contribute our problems and it is brilliant way to come in contact with people


Dushyant Desai

Why is this idea important?

as working class family are facing day in and day out problems and even if they wish to contribute government they cant as a direct result of not family rejoining and that creat  lack of love in family and due to such children does not know thier grand parents more closely as they live far from the parents..

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