There are laws all over the place that easily rip apart families – husband & wife, and/or children and their parents. These laws have pointedly taken away proper childhood from most children in the UK. The consequences of improper childhood, single parenthood and broken homes are very obvious in the society. A disoriented child may become a liability to the general society in terms of crime potentials. Tax payers' money go into fighting these crimes and still provide support for such individuals in form of benefits. Single parenthood is becoming a thriving enterprise in the economy because the govenments (both local and central) fund it!

All legislations that encourage single parenthood and/or easy disolution of marriages sholud be abolished in the interest of proper childhood. Government should stop financing single parents in the name of benefits. Restore family values and make fathers and mothers responsible for the up-keep of their household! UK was built on positive human values that are now getting eroded by legislation. 

Why is this idea important?

A restoration of family values will take away so much burden from government finances; a situation where a wife, husband and children (all living separately) are dependent on government for housing and finance is unhealthy. It also encourages unproductivity on the part of those involved. A lot is fundamentally wrong where government funds the mortgage for a wife, houses or pays for the accommodation of the husband and does the same for their children! What a financial mismanagement and burden!

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