My idea is to organise a mass strike of all working adult cannabis users. Now, before you all through this idea out, read on…

It would certainly highlight the problem and bring swift change to the law if everyone of the working population of 6 million adult cannabis users went on strike and refused to work until the issue was brought before the vote.

We would need to set up a charity where the more wealthy user can help support the less wealthy in the struggle with issues like rent payments and other life expenses. It wouldn't matter if you were fired from your position either because as soon as the law was changed the charity could help with the birth of a new industry offering employment and prospects to all whom joined the Union.

Ha, I know I'm dreaming but still, it would be awesome to achieve.

Why is this idea important?

This is a far fetched idea, I know. Please don't string me up for it! It's partly tongue in cheek but does have a real point.

The fact is that currently the majority of cannabis user's work, no, SLAVE away everyday, pay taxes and contribute to society by nurturing a more healthy disposition towards a myriad of different issues yet the country we so cherish sees us as criminals. Well, if that's the case something along the lines of a nationwide cannabis user strike would certainly bring the topic to the forefront of the national consciousness. It would make those in power realise the impact that the average adult cannabis user has in society.

So, if you are a working cannabis user, please feel free to say so loud and clear in reply to this idea. Although the idea of a strike is unlikely to see the light of day, it would be good to get a list of tax paying and responsible individuals and demonstrate to the ignorant mass that actually most cannabis users are not lazy hippies but working contributors to society.

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