the more you here the worse it gets, the law should change, and very soon,some of these poor men and their children,especially when there are so many good fathers who love their children,and have to leave the family home,with nothing,after they have worked hard for the family and home,very often going back to their parents home.not being able to kiss there children goodnight ,and being blackmailed to a degree of when and if to see the child or children,putting up with perhaps a new partner moving in his home, also unfair is most fathers who work hard and pay there money on a regular basis,if there is a problem, over not aggreeing certain things over accsess as it is usual for the mother to have the say, lots dont work so they get legal aid,the father cant get it over a certain wage,cant afford hundreds and possible hundreds to try and have a say  about possible more accsess. this could have been looked into before,as the fathers rights and various other groups have tried  for such a long time,meanwhile fathers children are hurting and suffering

Why is this idea important?

because children and their fathers are suffering,the fathers have hearts too

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