wish that I had a magic wand for you guys I know so many dads that are unable to have their children with them . through no fault of their own..just dont give up .some x wives are great mums  but can be vindictive and thats when the trouble start  when couples split up its painful and the children are then used as pawns . in some extreme  cases the mother has a good reason to banish the father .and the courts are right to support the wife if violence is present in the relationship  however some x wives  use the court just because their new partners dont agree with the father being  around .

Why is this idea important?

when a partnership breaks down  the courts should insist that the fathers have the same rights as the mother    every child has the right to see its natural parents  mum or dad  it has been proven that even after many years  children still  want to find the absent parent .if there has been no good reason to keep the absent parent away the court should do everything it can to reunite parent and child

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