Qualifications are being gifted to students as college funding is dependent on hitting national targets for 'success'. 

This has lead to a situation where no one who starts a course can fail it – the worst behaved/non-attenders/plain lazy are being awarded certificates and diplomas having achieved nothing.

Many students are aware they cannot be marked as failures and are not even attempting to do any work. Meanwhile, colleges all over the country proudly announce, '100% success rate' on their websites….

Lecturers must be allowed to use their professional judgement as to who is and who is not  performing satisfactorily. This will inevitably lead to some students failing but it will restore discipline and credibility to the system.

Why is this idea important?

If the current target-lead funding continues, standards of real academic success will fall further. Experienced teaching staff will all admit the quality of candidate enrolling on courses is lower than it was ten years ago and that 'massaging-the-figures' is the regrettable but necessary result if courses are to be funded.

Remove target-lead funding and allow teaching staff the freedom to assess students' success honestly. 

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