I was on YouTube one afternoon and I came across this video. In this video a man is filming outside a police station (completely coincidential, in my opinion) and an officer came out and asked him why. Well, the dialogue is quite something. This man has a couple more videos on his YouTube channel that add to my point. The police try to basically bully this man into surrendering his Civil Liberties because he just happens to be filming next to a police station. The officer alludes to the media students being terrorists. Is this fair? You promote freedom and liberty, yet you go back on all the promises and guarantees that you preached to the British public during the Election campaign which you subsequently won. Would you take this idea down if I posted it up onto this viewpoints website? Like these men, I am just exercising my right to freedom of speech. We're meant to be entitled to our own freewill, yet you install cameras on every street corner and every lampost. In my own town (Warrington), I can walk down the highstreet and count at least 60-70 cameras. You're watching us, and there goes our privacy. Do you not trust your people? Do you not trust the people who pretty much built Britain up to what it is today? Our troops are fighting for their lives not because of terrorist threats (these are independant radicalist muslims, al-qae'da was wiped out almost 2 years ago) but because the governments of the democratic nations are trying to force their opinions on the rest of the world. I'm not saying our troops aren't doing a good job, they're doing an amazing job. Those troops, Those soldiers that risk their lives for you. They're made up almost entirely of normal hard-working people from normal hard-working families. It's as if you don't trust us. It's as if you want to watch every aspect of our lives. You call this freedom? No, I'll correct you here, it's not freedom. It's a surveillance state. Sorry for bursting your bubble here but it's like a kick in the teeth to us. Taxpayers money was wasted by the idiots who have seats in the houses of parliament because, to be honest, we're a nation build upon greed and automation. Everything is so easy.

We want our lives back.

Show some compassion for your people. Stop the cut-backs of the NHS.

Why is this idea important?

It's important because it's affecting all of the UK population at the moment. They're building colossal databases of our identities. Names, Credit Card Information, Dates of birth, Phone numbers, illnesses, Everything about us is being categorised and analysed. Be careful of what you sign up for.

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