Please can we raise funds by prosecuting litter louts with fines and making them do community service picking up litter. I am wholly sick of wading ankle deep through the stuff in our local park and on our beaches. There can never be any real sense of community if people do not look after what they have? What is the point of having littering laws and never enforcing them? Either bin the law or use it to good effect. The money raised from prosecuting these people could be used to pay for more "bobbies on the beat."

I want to be able to walk my dog without worrying about whether he'll come home with cut feet (again) from broken bottles.

Why is this idea important?

We should care about where we live. It is sole destroying when so many people seem to think there will always be someone to sweep up after their mess.

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  1. There are already fines for littering but the police chose to heavily enforce the law on other trivial offences but not littering or fouling by dogs.

    However maybe local authorities should be fined for not emptying litter bins because it is a Sunday or bank holiday or whatever. If shop workers can be forced to work 7-day shifts, then so can council workers.

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