Repeal the knee-jerk 1988 Firearms Act and the two Firearnms Acts passed in 1997. Streamline the system for issuing certificates to one agency (currently issued by 50+ constabularies at vast expense) in order to save money and to have a national database making trend watching easier. Make regulatory infringements by certificate holders into fixed penalty notices instead of the current court processes – saving another fortune.

Why is this idea important?

Neither the current legislation nor its administration complies with the European Convention on Human Rights or the Human Rights Act 1998, Politicians now in power are on the record as saying that the knee-jerk legislation was a mistake; now they are in a position to correct those mistakes. The High Court and Court of Appeal have clearly set out who is (or is not) eligible for a certificate, setting a model for an agency to follow. Local police departments do not currently follow the court decisions, leading to another huge cost as certificate holders appeal to the courts. Policing of certificate holders as target criminals leads to a distortion of firearms crimes, masking the real trends. The regulatory and crime elements of the legislation need to be separate. A national agency would do away with the massive costs associated with numerous small departments having to communicate with each other via incompatible systems.

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