Given that most of the UK's firearms legislation have been Knee Jerk reactions to events from its inception in 1929. We have had a recent tradegdy in Cumbria and the incidences of criminal use of firemarms would indicate that the legislation doesn't work.

 The last government slipped measures into the Violent crime reduction act and carried out a consultation on deactivated firearms based on very poor police claims which the home offices own stastics failed to back up. The post 1995 deactivation standard made the polices act harder and the claims in the media that it was easy to reactivate a pre 95 deactivated firearm is actually a hard and dangerous task and already covered by law and was therefore unnecessary. so The abandonment of pre 1995 deactivation standard would be a step forward

Maybe the time for emotive legislating needs to end and the governement need to sit down and coolly examine the law with stake holders espically the shooting community and the police and come up with laws that protect law abiding shooters and gun owners and protects the public from the illegal use of firearms.

We have some of the tightest firearms laws in the world but they target the law abiding but are unenforcable against the criminal.

Why is this idea important?

Recent events in Cumbria have shown that despite the intentions of government and the anti-gun lobby bans do not prevent this type of incident.

 The banning of handguns post Dunblane has not prevented criminal use of handguns same goes with for automatic rifles banned since hungerford and fully automatic weapons banned since the 1930's. So obviously the guns aren't comming from "liscenced firearms holders".

The last government also sought to legislate against the holders of collectors certificates and deactivated weapons with the police making unsubstanciated claims about criminal use of deacs in crime. Pieces of legislation pertaining to live and deactivated firearms have been put into various pieces of legislation making the law complex. Police have to waste valuable resources checking up on law abiding citizens who happen to own firearms of be certified to own them.

Completley re writing the legislation would put all the legislation in one place. Simplifying the law, It would define what the law is and how it s to be applied.  And would let the police concentrate on the illegal arms supply.

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