i think its very wrong that first time drug offenders get such huge sentances wasteing so much money by keeping them in prison for such a long time, i have someone i know whom is in prison serving 10 years for being in a conspiracy charge involving drugs, i have seen murderers get 7/8 years for killing someone and it makes me very angry that the criminal justice system is all messed up and very very unfair. then i read in the papers that so much money is being wasted puting people behind bars when really there should be another way of punishing them and cheaper too, im not saying they should be let of free but to put someone away with no previous drug offences for 10 years!!! really does puzzle me, it would be nice to see this situiation looked at again and it be dealt with in a better and reasonable way, haveing said that he also appealed against sentance and to my suprise he got refused, and you ask where is all the money going in todays goverment. the crimainal law should be looked into on cases like this and serious offenders be dealt with high sentances others should go on a programme of some kind or be fined!!. its very unfair and costs too much money.

Why is this idea important?

because everyday i read the papers about money being wasted in the counrty etc, etc and then i have actually experienced someone whom has been sent to jail for absoulutly nothing and they have tried and tried to reduce or even make the jugde see sense in it all that it wasnt in his characther at all and not only has he done all the courses in prison too he still didnt make a diffrenceb to his sentance, hwe hasnt been in trouble form like 16 years and it makes todays society ;look really messed up that something like this get treated so badly and very unprofessional, im so sure that there are many people in this position but we just aint being heard. i would like to see something seriously done.

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