The Angling is very much forgotten and overlooked, there is mass predation of inland water fish stocks by vermin such as otters and cormorants. There we suggest giving the inland, (canal, river, lake or still water) fisheries owners or managers the right to protect there business by allowing them to humanely destroy these nuicance vermin who decimate stocks and threatens business's, sport, social meetings and more that happen at there premises. We propose that this should be done right away to protect the future of Angling, which is at least one sport where our teams and players get gold yearly.

Fishery owners and managers regularly make massive undertakings to ensure wildlife habbitat is protected and encouraged. If fisheries become to much infested by these vermin then they risk going out of business, thus allowing the habitats to desist.

Why is this idea important?

If this is not implemented forthwith it could mean yet more business's of this manner being forced to close due to lack of stocks because of these vermin.

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