In the old days, if you did not have a Rod License, you were fined the cost of a day's ticket and asked to leave the riverbank by the Bayliff. This should now happen again.

Why is this idea important?

Today, the maximum possible fine for fishing without a licence is £2500! How can a young child pay such a fine? The Local Water Authorities should not be imposing such huge fines on children (and their parents indirectly). Children these days often go fishing to catch what they eat – they are that hard up that they need to go fishing like this to feed their family!!! It is immoral and a money making scam to be fined so heavily for fishing like this. Bayliffs and Water Owners need only charge a days tickets or fee and ask the young Angler to leave the premises if they do not posess a rod license, and not impose huge fines on parents who were not even at the riverbank! It's nonsense. Encourage children to engage with the water and not penalise them with massive fines for trying it! Make it morally fair.

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