repeal this law its a farce , a tacho does primarily two things records time & speed

the law makes a requirement to fit & use a tacho on 3.5 lgvs when drawing a trailer unless exempt through farming fishing horticuture etc

so every jobbing builder with a trailer needs one !!!!


but why un hitch the trailer & no need for a tacho !!!  why record it if you dont know when its hitched up & reallly what is the purpose of knowing this ?

accident investigation >? well maybe but I doubt it

average distance & timea the wheel no domestic driving hours as its not Hgv


SO Whats the point  these things cost a business well over a thousand pounds per vechicle & serve no apparent use


yet another ill conceived  half baked idea

Why is this idea important?

Its cost business money & time & has no value that I can identify

In fact I doubt that many actually know it exists untill they are pulled in by Vosa

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