High School Children should be able to 'earn' reasonably priced basic car Insurance by being law abiding up to age 18. They may, say, earn by dint of thier good behavior, a couple of driving lessons a year if they succeed in gaining a 'clean sheet' that year. The lessons can be redeemed as a reward when the child gains thier learners licence.

If a young person keeps a completely clean record up to age 18 they would be entitled to basic third party Car Insurance (for a low power vehicle) at a reasonable fixed cost – say £500pa.

The Insurance would be cancelled immediately for any driving infringement (ie speeding).

I believe this could save insurers many millions in the long term as there wouldn't be as much call on the uninsured driver fund.

Why is this idea important?

Too many 18 year olds are effectively priced out of car ownership (ie my nephew, decent University Graduate, given Grandfathers old 1L car worth £500 being quoted £3000 minimum for legal insurance in his own name).

Many young people choose to go the route of driving without Insurance and Tax and therefore we have many uninsured young drivers on the road.

The scheme would incentivise young people to look to the long term regarding thier behavior and allow those deserving of the reward to fulfil the (virtually universal) ambition of 18 year olds of Legally driving thier own car.

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