Public footpaths directly across fields during a cropping periods or use by livestock are an unnecessary burden on farming and horticultural community.

The safety of the general public is put at risk from livestock and crop protection chemistry. Further pets "on" footpaths present and unnecessary biological hazard to food production in these areas. It should be permisiable to temporarily move any footpaths to field margins during the period of cropping or occupation by livestock. Appropriate signage might be the responsibility of the land owner / tenant.

As current farming pracise ensures suitable boundaries there is no aditional cost to land owners.

The current practise puts an unnecessary financial and practical burden on land owners at very busy times of the calander. A more flexible approach is in line with what was "The countryside code".

Further a consideration to the vast inhibitory nature of regulation for the perminant re-routing of footpaths  should be given.

Why is this idea important?

There is a health and safety risk to users of footpaths.

There is financial burden  and current time restrictions for reinstatement on an already hard pressed farming / horticultural community.

There is a lack of commonsense to the current regulation and inflexibilty of enpowered local government officals.

It cannot be the responsibilty of land owners to maintain the safety of walkers passing through the heart of their business especially where the land owner does not have the right to take appropriate action to support that safety.

Dogs "on" footpaths present an unnecessary added health risk to the food being produced on such land.

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