Flexible use of agricultural land


Helps solve the housing crisis and boosts the economy at no cost to the government
The current restrictions on farm land are based on old concepts of land useage and do not take into account modern low carbon eco businesses that will boost the future economy

Why does this idea matter?

We would like to live in a log cabin or similar on an acre of land I have near Westbury where my book business of 25 years is.

Surely it makes sense to free my home to a family, give us less travel to work etc etc. To do this the planning laws on agricultural land need to be relaxed for small eco self builders particulary for temporary structures. There are many thousands of people (reading the web) similar – surely large inroads into the needed housing requirements can be made at no cost to the government in a way that can also help businesses (mine is recycling books – but it could be for any craft or small business etc purposes.

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  1. Sumo Vincent says:

    The current restrictions on farm land are not based on old concepts of land usage. According to the NFU, British farms can currently only meet 50% of our food needs. Our population is growing and with it, our demand for food. As the world population continues to increase and developing countries grow their economies, competition for food will increase. Transport costs are increasing. Uncertainties over environmental change and global trade further threaten our reliance on food imports.

    I don’t really know what modern low carbon eco businesses are but it sounds like nonsense. You presumably are arguing this so you can turn green fields into your own valuable private residential land at the expense of the environment.

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