The problem with the current legislation regarding flexible working is that companies do not have sufficient incentive to really embrace the concept. In reality, all that this law offers is a false hope.

Every employee, at some point in their working life, will be presented with a "work versus life" dilemma. Isn't a happy balance between the two in everyone's interest?

My suggestion is that companies be given a real incentive to make Flexible working really work. Possible ways that this could be achieved are:-

(i) Tax incentives directly proportional to the percentage of employees currently using Flexible working. The savings could be in the form of an employer NI reduction reward scheme.

(ii) Introduce a clause incorporated into BSI accreditation that enforces a procedure for HR departments to develop Flexible working methodologies. This could be really simple and involve ideas such as job sharing or alternate shift systems.

(iii) Task the Department of Work and Pensions to produce a document detailing options on how companies can use Flexible working for men aswell as women. In particular, how part time jobs could be interchangeable with full time jobs according to seasonal work load fluctuations.


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as it concerns the health, wealth and happiness of every single person currently living in the country, today.

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