Why are the majority ogf the workforce with exceptins in industries like Hospitality, Hospitals , Polic  and Retail stuck with a Monday to Friday routine with the requirement that overtime has to be paid for week-ends and there are, I believe, still  restrictions on opening times for Sundays?


Each organization should be able to decide what working days it chooses. Employees right to work  to 2 days off a week should be preserved and overtime paid accordingly . If the working weeks of a substantial number of organizations are spread out to for example some working Sunday to Thursday or Monday to Wednesday and Friday and Saturday this could relieve congestion on roads and rail.

Sporting events could be spread out more instead of being mainly based on weekends and so on.

This could also fit with companies dealing with overseas clients . For example Middle Eastern countries whose day off is on a Friday.

Similar thonking could be applied to school and academic holidays. Why are they always closed in July – August? This arrangment does nopt always meet needs of religious people and other social needs. Furthermore travel companies and airlines take advantage of these peak periods by charging excessive fares. This has the effect of parents taking children out of school during 'established' term times. Term rtimes were orginally set in order to meet religious requirements  and the farming year. i.e. Children were required to work on the harvest and land owners, some of whom were teachers or academics, needed to gather harvest and relevant business.

The same reasoning shuld apply to public holidays with people entitled to 9 per year but to be taken whenever wanted or rather mutually agreed with employer. If people want to work through Christmas and New Year and take longer break in spring they could.

More people working from would also be better . With computer links etc how many office workers actually need to go to an office every day? Face to face meetings could be important but as someone who has who has successfully worked on an international project with others in three different parts of the world  using video links and conference calls even they were not necessary. If organization is worried about staff performance

Why is this idea important?

1. Cut down trafiic congestion. Less trains needed.

2. Cut down on fossil fuel consumption.

3. Allow more flexibilty on ways people lead their lives.

4. Cut down on office space and facilities and related costs such as fuel , maintenance, rent and rates etc. Only a few people  if any need to attend at any one time.

5. Cut commuting costs.

6. Save on child care. An adult working from home needs to able to concentrate but with older children on holiday it is just a case of being there.

7. Save people's time commuting.  4 hours per day is not uncommon.

8. I am sure there is more! 

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