Many people who go to football matches and other venues do so in a calm and adult way.   Whether a person's team wins or loses, it should not mean that the people and  town hosting the event should be living in fear that there could be fights and public disorder within their town.

Why should hard-working people go out to work to pay for the damage that holigans do on their rampages.  It costs a fortune to police these events, and to rebuild what has been smashed up by the holigans who have not any regard for anyone but their own enjoyment.

This not only puts shame on the country, but when the teams go abroad, it sends a bad message to anyone who is thinking of inviting an English team to their town.

So if someone is intend of creating mayham and beating people up, then they should know what it  feels like to be hurt and humiliated.

The flogging should be made public, the holigan made to appologise to the people of the town  where the crime was commited on local news. Then afterwards the holigan will have like a bright yellow coloured uniform with holigan, in black letters on it, mend all the damage that they have done and made to clean the streets for 6months in that town.

The same can be done for anyone mugging and confidence tricksters who hurt old and vunerable people.


Why is this idea important?

I doubt anyone would come back for seconds because the sharp shock with the flogging and then the shame of having to wear the yellow uniform, with the name of the crime you committed would indeed show you, your family and your friends up.

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