Fly Tipping is a growing problem in the UK today.

It is governed by the cost of sending waste to landfill.companies are looking to avoid this cost by fly tipping. The Local authorities do not encourage businesses to recycle as it would reduce their own revenue streams.So basically make it free or bring in schemes 'incentives' for business to properly manage their waste.

Also small builders(renovators)  are a major concern as they tend to charge the owner for getting rid of rubbish and then leaving it in some back alley at 2am then the victim has to pay for the disposal.Local Authorities do not have the resources to sort this problem.Either you make it easier i.e. less costly  or bring in more legislation on schemes for renovators etc

Another matter concerning litter  please encourage the return of bottles/cans by having a money incentive  for return of empties.

Also make fast food business including burger vans pay a local tax purposely for LA cleansing facilities.Also make schools devote a couple of hours a month for kids to collect litter around their school.

Why is this idea important?

It is important as it is to do with our environment  ,studies have proved that litter brings the community down and encourages more criminal activity

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