I am a full time carer for my disabled wife and we often listen to our local radio station on FM especially when we are out and about.


Are you (The goverment) going to assist us and many more like us to upgrade all our radio equipment so that we can get the radio stations that we like listening too. I doubt this very much so I ask you to reconsider this plan, as upgrading all our TV's have cost us a lot and now the prospect of having to upgrade or change all the radios we have will just be crippling.


Why change things that don't need changing?

Why is this idea important?

For many people like me we use the radio so we don't have to be watching TV all the time and becoming couch potatoes. Also the DAB signals are no where near as good as you'd expect them to be, so please leave our FM stations and frequency so we can still enjoy listening to our favoourite radio stations.

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