GPs in this country are the highest paid in Europe. On top of this the recently announced changes, I believe, may be exploited by GPs to increase their earnings at taxpayers expense even further if adequate safeguards are not put in place. 

Why is it then that the previous govt, with support from both the Conservatives and Lib Dems, proposed to outlaw GP Practices using 08 numbers to increase the practices profits at the expense of its patients. I popped into my practice to make an appointment and was told to ring up in the morning using an 08 number. It cannot be right or just that the highest paid GPs in Europe continue to rip off the elderly,  pensioned, disabled and less fortunate in this manner. Honour the original proposal to ban this practice and protect those that are at their most vulnerable – lets be honest the GP practices that continue doing this do not have their patients interests above their own self interest.

Why is this idea important?

To protect the more vulnerable members in our society at a time when they are being  hit harder then the middle income and higher earners.

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