If the coalition government implement a citizenship class as compulsory, the Country would benefit widely. THEN there can be a test/exam that determines whether at 16 you can vote of not. If you don't pass then you have the choice of can re-sitting or wait until you are 18 to vote. The could also be a choice of whether you do the exam or not.

Why is this idea important?

This will combat public disillusion with politics. This will educate teenagers and give us more knowledge of politics and how they can vote and so on. This will increase political participation and voter turn out in General Elections, London Assembly/Mayor Elections, Scottish Parliament Elections, Welsh Assembly Elections, Council Elections and European Parliament Elections. It will also stop people voting because they like the look of the person instead of it being on policy and votes will be well informed votes. 

It will also benefit political parties, as they will receive more support. 

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