Companies that call your home should be required to disclose to you how and from whom they obtained your number and details. These people that are probably breaking the law in the first place by calling some who is on the Caller Preference list then hide behind data protection by refusing to disclose where they obtained your contact details. They also say you must have ticked a box on some website that said you wished to be contacted, well unless you tell me which site/form/person gave you my details I have no way to knowing that. I am sure many companies are ignoring the contact wishes tick boxes and selling your details on anyway, knowing you have no way to check up on it. Make disclosure of the whole chain from form, through agencies, to cold callers a mandatory disclosure.

Why is this idea important?

I no longer answer my land line because of the bombardment of Cold calls, it is form of harassment and these bullys hide behind anonomity and data protection. If I could atleast identify the companies that a fueling this assault by selling my details on, then I could atleast stop doing business with them.

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