It seems that most Councils in the UK are working to several definintions of Statutory Homeless and applied it as and when they see fit.

If you are made homeless and are working it seems that the Councils do not deem you as homeless

If you leave your home then you are deemed to have made yourself deliberately homeless and the council will not help

If you come into the contry after leaving you home country then you are miraculously deemed as homeless and are given property

Why is this idea important?

Forcing councils to publish full details of lettings would help reduce the percieved idea that foreigners get priority and also open the system so that is is transparent and can be shown that it is being applied fairly.

Information to be published would include, whether the applicant was a UK resident or not, if not when they entered the UK and for what reason, Date of application, date of offer of property, whether they meet any local lettings criteria and if not why they have been allowed tohave the property over someone else who does meet criteria, somehting to show that the application was porcessed and checked against the lettings criteria for the council.  ALL this should be made available on request and published on the council web site but with no personal details or addresses.

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