Give our Foreign Aid as positive things i.e. water purification plants, or, if money has to be given, demand proof of how it is spent even, if the proof cannot be obtained, send someone to observe what the money is spent on.



I believe a member of the police is able to retire (on a very good pension) after 30 years service.Why?I understand that ,at 48 years old or so,a person no longer has the energy of  a  young person but this is true of many professions (teaching?). Surely the experiance gained in 30 years would be a great help if, when no longer able to "go on the beat", a police person took up administrative duties- this would also save having to  employ  other people to do the paper work.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because I get the impression that a great deal of aid money is ending up in private bank accounts.

Having spoken to other people about this I know I am not alone in thinking it.


It seems rediculous, to me, that police should be allowed to retire so young and that then other people are employed to do paperwork.A great deal of money would be saved by stopping their retirement so early. The average policeman  is paid a pension for 15 years before most other  men can take their pensions out.

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