I definitely want to abolish the laws which say that convicted foreigners cannot be deported as it will infringe on their human rights or that they may be subject to ill-treatment in their home country. It seems that so many foreigners here are released from prison and then receive huge amounts of State Benefits, housing, health care etc etc etc!. We have enough home bred criminals to pay for without the need for foreigners. No other nation would provide such a free ride for criminals and it's time we stopped doing it too.

Why is this idea important?

The criminal justice and Welfare systems are stretched beyond the limit. Even now Probation workers have more cases than they can deal with and if the law on sentencing is changed, we can expect even more community based sentences for the authorities to oversee. There is absolutely no moral reason why British tax payers should finance undesireable and unwanted foreigners to remain in the UK. These people, with their criminal records, will be unable to get paid employment and therefore will be a sore strain on the ever decreasing resources. We must put aside all the "politically correct" legislation and start to be sensible about these things.

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