Instead of the many councils regulating various health professionals, these could be merged into a single body which can reduce the overall cost to the country. This would be through reducing the number of premises need, combined business departments such as HR, Legal etc.. 

Furthermore as the calls for alternative medicines to be regulated further are made this could at a later date be where one could place this regulation without any further new bodies. 

Why is this idea important?

The messages from many studies are applicable to all health professionals and in issues of negligence there is usally a host of parties responsible from a range of different groups. Therefore this could enable the entire multi-disciplinary team to work together effectively to prevent these future issues. 

Furthermore for the public it would be one organisation the public could look to in order to find out whether the health professionals are registered, where they qualified and any other relevant information. 

At a time of budgetary restriction it would also reduce costs in the long term of maintaining many different bodies to regulate each healthcare profession. 

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