It not neccessary to provide street  lighting for Helicopters,  low flying aircraft  or Airships (yet), but it seems to me that much of the energy used for lighting goes up rather that down. There have been a few ideas put forward, all basically the same (to be optimal they would have to be ) so I will quickly go over the main points:

1. by reducing the height of the lamp by a half the energy on the ground  is increased by 4.

2. an awful number of  lights are more that 3 or 4 times taller than  any thing that passes beneath  them.

3. So, cut the lamps in half or as appropriate and  reduce energy to a quarter or as required locall.

4. This might be acheived  in a surprisingl short time – tho I  do not have figures to prove that statement – and the safety aspect will be improved considerably, lower access.

5. People living along bus roots will be less likely to find themselves in situattions of great embaressment when they have forgotten to close the bedroom blinds.

Why is this idea important?

It is cheap and simple to execute with plenty of  re-usable ‘bits’ left over.

The energy saved – hopefully – could be plowed in to the NHS .


I am completely unfamiliar with how these ‘blog’ thingies work so if I  have   put this in the wrong place please mind that  I have PD and having to do it over again would be incredibally tiresome.

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