MPs claimed hundred's and multiple thousands of pounds which they were not entitled to in expenses which comes out of the public purse, and only 4 are facing any legal penalties. If a benefit clamiant gets overpaid by mistake or makes a fraudulent claim they are arrested and punished with the full force of the law. What is the difference between the two, one has privilige and high wages the other is on the verge of poverty. Mps did it out greed and the poor from need.

In my opinion they should be treated equally if its ok for MPs then it should be ok for others and if others get the full force of the law upon them then the same applies to MPs. Its called fairness the catch word of this coalition so lets see it action.

Why is this idea important?

Its important that MPs are not seen to be above the law especially as they are our representatives. If anyone in any other occupation were to claim twenty two thousand pounds for dry rot which they were not entitled to they would be out of a job and be off to court very quickly. Even up the balance and NOW !!!

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