My suggestion is to repeal the laws that compel the old to sell their homes and instead charge criminals for the cost of their sentences. To prevent the impact of negative cash flow sending people back to crime, my suggestion has two potential penalties: additional tax and a charge on the criminal's estate.

For a first offence I suggest a tax surcharge of 0.5% to be applied for every year of the sentence (not time served) after release, possibly to be paid into a bond which could be repaid after ten years of good behaviour. For a second offence I would raise that charge to 1% and for a third offence 5%. As an alternative for well heeled individuals who could avoid tax I would apply a charge to their estate to paid when they die.

Why is this idea important?

The following is a crime against reason and civilised society.

An old lady who has worked her entire life, paid tax and national insurance and kept to the law becomes sick and has to sell her house to pay for long term care.

Meanwhile a thirty year old accountant is convicted of fraud. Who pays for his jailtime? The taxpayer. The taxpayer still pays even if he has a mansion in Surrey and his investments are earning money while he's inside.

My approach would restore social justice and could potentially turn the prison system into a source of income.

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