This country has always enjoyed vibrant community events, from table-top sales to festivals and carnivals. Since new labours obsession with 'elf n safety', all the local community events have mostly died. Killed off by 2 things-the rules n regs of public liabilty [and the astronomical costs involved] and the turgid CRB checks and incurred expenses.

If this new governement are really serious about 'grass roots' engagement in building cohesive communities, then rescind or scale back the rules n regs in place that have completely suffocated all but the most die-hard volunteers.

Additionally, the highways dept are ruthless in removing community promo signs, events are not held that often, the costs of advertising are too prohibitive for most community activities such as a local fete, or garden coffee morning-these small signs are only up for a matter of days-but highways will take them away within hours. Its madness, and it all helps to kill events locally.

Why is this idea important?

If we want to enliven or enrich our communities, whatever type of 'community' we live in, these events are the life-blood of social co-hesion.

The local authorities should be 'hands off' and allow the local organisers to do their job, as they have always done, to the best of their ability and using their experience and common sense.

I used to be a major event organiser in our large but isolated town, but since labour got in and all the rules and regs multilplied and pushed the costs way beyond my means-I threw the towel in-as have many others. Now our town is dying on its feet, I dont know half the people that live here, and nothing ever happens….even .the annual carnival died 5 years ago as a result of this.

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