freedom to hold a festival of fun and unity on common land without the forced expense of police to oversee every  move. the expense is set at such a rate that the cost of policing the event makes it IMPOSSIBLE to hold, the local authorities have the easy no go can do if you cant afford the police. volunteers to be stewards with crowd control training would be invaluable as would volunteers with security or door training to oversee such events. litter picking is another of the L/A bug bares, if we leave the place cleaner than when we started that always  go down well. recycling properly all rubbish left and no cross contamination is also another plus. the greener the festival the better i.e oil instead of diesel run gennies, solar and wind powered lighting and all electrical needs. organisation is the key to be able to run this sucessfully. show we are responsible and polite citizens and we do have common law rights.  freedom is not a gift its a way of life until we live in a dictators black shadow . keeping the faith in sites like this is also key.  

Why is this idea important?

clean and green eco friendly festivals show how it is possible to live in tune wiyh the earth, low carbon footprint, areas left spic and span show responsability to ensure safety before and after event so these are only a few powerful points to put in any documentation presented to any local authority.

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