1.  Free school dinners for everyone

2.  Rotate classes so that they each take a turn to cook it.

3.  Grow vegetables on school land.

4.  No tubs or jars – herbs and spices instead (rosemary can be grown very cheaply!)

5.  During school holidays, excess vegetables can be sold in veg boxes to the local community.

Why is this idea important?

We all need fresh, local, free range food.  We have an excellent climate for growing many things in our country.  School land is squandered – most schools probably have an area where they could grow vegetables.  Learning to cook healthily is vital for everyone and noone knows how to do it anymore. I only had 6 weeks of home economics at school, so I can make a sandwich, a pizza, scones and a crumble.  Not very healthy or handy!

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