I think all the meat eaters here can admit pigs are pretty darn amazing animals and very tasty as well.  Probably the tastiest part of all is Bacon, one of the greatest meats.


Unfortunately though, as other cultures come in to the UK, companies are afraid of offending or not accepting people who eat Halal meat.  However in trying to accommodate them, you exclude born and bred citizens from a right to eat an amazing part of an amazing animal. 

This has lead to crazy situations where restaurants such as KFC (in over 100 branches) wont allow products such as burgers with bacon, because according to how Halal meat is prepared, bacon typically used in burgers cant even be prepared in the same restaurant.


I don't mind people of different faiths residing here, but it goes too far when I am told what I can’t eat in public just because I might offend people.  Does anyone care that the tastiest meat ever has been stripped away from my lips?


Where are our rights?  Why is society so consumed with offending others at the cost of being draconian and taking away my freedom of choice?

Why is this idea important?

To re-address equality and worship pigs for the tasty little minx's they are!


I respect those that choose Halal meat but while we are in England, we should have the option for our own food as well.

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