It should be easier and simpler to allow people to trade on  a temporary basis, Please free them from the laborious paperwork and rregistration equirements which inhibit initiative.

This would enable people to  viably test their business ideas out and learn before taking the leap into self-employment

Encourage financial self-sufficiency and innovation.

Give an opportunity for those who are disabled or too ill to work full time to help themselves when they can.

Encourage the use of temporary shop premises between long-lets, preventing them from beign squatted or beign an empty eyesore on the High Street.

Why is this idea important?

The complicated laws around trading and setting up a business do not allow for temporary initiatives and testing of plans.

Many businesses are seasonal and so do not work if you have to declare yourself self-employed and set up all the red tape systems. Some people may do one event a year, perhaps at Christmas or  at the local Summer fair, and can make a  good profit,, but not then be able to repeat the activity  for another year.

Relaxing the laws to allow informal trading will encourage people to grow their idea and set up a proper business later on.

Allowing the freedom to test ideas without too much hindrance would be a blessing if the idea truns out to be unworkable, and save people from the folly of giving up their jobs and investing their savings only to then go bust.

There needs to be more slack cut to the little guy. Perhaps exempt profits under 5K per year or something? Or exempt trading which is for a single event lasting 3 days or less?

If the state wants more peopel to be self sufficient then they have to allow there to be a series of steps so that it is nto an all or nothing risk. This includes the right to operate a business from home, currently generally disallowed in tenancies and planning permission.

There was also a prosecution of  a man by the DWP for trading whilst claiming benefit, but al he had done was to register a company name with a view to going self-employed. he had not actually traded or made any profit, but having yoru own business and claiming benefits was all they saw and he was taken to court and prosecuted for setting up a ladder to take him out of the benefits trap!  Thsi in my opinion was draconian, punitive and petty, as the man was trying to help himself.

We need to be given space to to take our first steps without the boot of the state stamping on our tentative initiatives.

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