1) Stop or change the curfew; don't drive young people home because they were 'hanging out' or 'minding their own business'.

2) Allow drinking back on the streets.

3) Go easy on ASBO's. 

Why is this idea important?

1) This curfew is a restriction on freedom because of discrimination towards youths. Imagine if you weren't allowed to hang out!

2) Its not even morally wrong to drink on the street. It has been banned in many areas because people don't like it. This is the majority making laws on the mere basis of what they dislike – other's enjoying themselves.


3) These are pointless anyway and the whole thing needs to be reworked. Don't forget that youths do sometimes do things that are 'a tiny bit wrong or not at all wrong' – like harmless graffiti. To some extent you just have to tolerate that; you can't legislate for everything; and stop taking everything out on the youths. 

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