I would like to be free to speak of my Christian faith, beliefs, values and principles without any intention of causing anyone distress or offence but also without fear or threat of prosecution simply because I have quoted the Bible or stated my personal opinion or position based on what the Bible says. It is becoming increasingly and alarmingly apparent that Christians now have no freedom of speech in the UK and that is a denial of my civil liberties which needs to be reversed.

Why is this idea important?

There are millions of law abiding Christian people in this country that give their support to the way this country is governed. If our freedom to believe, to speak of our beliefs and to worship is threatened or curtailed then this country will lose one of its most stabilising influences. It is a historical fact that Christianity has enriched the wetsern world and will continue to do so if it is allowed to be free.

One Reply to “Freedom from fear”

  1. who says you arent free to talk about your faith?

    i dont care what nonsense you want to quote, but i would if you took it into your job or official business. if you are a teacher, for example, it would be wrong for you to talk about your belief to the kids as it would be preaching. you have no right to do that.

    it is typical of christians to think they are being persecuted – your church doesnt pay taxes! religion is taught in school! you are given rights that most groups or organisations dont get. you want to be treated equally? then get religion out of school and get your church to pay taxes. no? well then you dont get to be treated equally.

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