Disabled people need freedom from the tyranny of wheelchair services.  Too many disabled people are provided with totally unsuitable wheelchairs, based on managerial policies and dictats.

It is time to give the power on wheelchair supply to the people who have to use the wheelchairs!

Close down all wheelchair services departments and create a local office with a few paper pushers who will order the chairs that are requested and dispatch the repair staff when they are needed.

To facilitate this create an on-line directory of all manufactured wheelchairs so that disabled people can contact the manufacturers direct, arrange a demo of the chair with the therapists who actually know them present, and select the most suitable chair for them.

Currently the therapists employed by wheelchair services departments do not know the real needs of their patients – they see them maybe once every five years and have no knowledge of their daily lives.  If the department manager states that patient X can have chair A (without ever having met the patient) then that is what is supplied and the therapists are unable to argue with their manager.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because the current system of supplying unsuitable chairs is restricting lives and increasing the effects of disability.

Wheelchair services departments work on the basis that they can dictate to individuals how they live their lives – even to the extent of telling people to change their cars if the ‘bog standard’ chair does not fit into their car. (The car has usually been chosen to facilitate the access of the disabled person in entering and leaving the car, leg room, door opening width, driveability, etc.)

Free disabled people from this tyranny!

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