Instead of giving convicted miscreants hours of community service, give them a target of achievement. For instance, 100 stars to be achieved before the sentence is over.

The star system would give them more pride in their work and would not allow them to just drift through their hours leaning on a shovel.

The better the level and quality of their work, the more stars they get.

Say they had 180 hours (or 100 stars), they could opt for 20 x 5 star projects or 10 x 10 star projects. BUT, they would be supervised, marked and rewarded for the completion and quality of the task.

Why is this idea important?

These days a community service order is carried out , seemingly, in private with little or no awareness by the public that a "punishment" or social repayment is in progress.

This would increase offender self-esteem. It would possibly engender respect for the offender if his/her work was socially beneficial. It would free up council workers who have to …water the trees, clean up grafitti, paint a school, clear garbage, etc, etc.

It would save councils millions if community projects were manned in this way.

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