WIth todays big press release regarding the changes to benefits immense concern is being caused to the most vulnerable members of society by the lack of detailed information.

The press release states major changes (some of which may be good!) but gives no details.  This is just like the situation with the Budget referrals to changes in housing benefit – no details.

When such announcements are made the proposed finer details should be made available immediately in order to avoid the worry this causes to many people.  Not releasing the finer details is tantamount to bullying as the most vulnerable members of our society are then terrified of what the future holds for them.

Why is this idea important?

Sick and disabled people and their carers (who are unable to work) struggle enough financially as it is – now they have to wait until the autumn to find out what the plans are for their income (which is meagre enough already!).  They are already worried about the plans for housing benefit and many will find that today's announcement is the straw that breaks the camel's back.  They do not need this added worry and stress and the government should have a bit of respect and stop using such tactics to bully people.

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