Freedoms of all sorts usually have a down side,   such as freedom to smoke , the down side is pollution of the air for others , so preventing them having the freedom of clean air.
So can we decide that freedoms are expensive always for someone else who has to suffer the consequences of other "Freedoms".
Freedoms should cost , in some way so as to help put measures in place to provide some protection from some of the "Freedoms" we all enjoy, such as cars, travel, smoking, noise, smells etc .
We are as society already doing a lot  in regulations and laws, but is it not time to really make the user or consumer pay for the polluting choices they make in the services and goods they purchase.
Remove all taxes and replace with a  natural resource tax  taxed at as near source as possible  at a level determined by the environmental impact it has on  planet life and man at a rate determined by the welfare and public needs of the time.


Why is this idea important?

Freedom of real choice based on the consequence of the materials used in its provision of goods or service.
Freedom from fear of upsetting others peoples environment.
Freedom to make the right choice of purchase based on its effect on planet and man.
Freedom from interference from subsidies, grants, and bribery.
Pass on the real cost to world of all the goods that we receive free from the planet.
Everything in the world is free until we decide to use it for our gain.
We need to quantify the real costs of conserving and maintain our valuable resources  and passing them directly onto the consumer so as to maintain and enhance their status for future generations

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