To disagree firmly, fundamentally and categorically with any religion or lifestyle, so long it is done without aggression or threat, should be maintained as the right of any UK citizen. Yet a Christian minister has apparently recently been arrested for speaking out against homosexuality. Likewise expressing concerns regarding the rise of Islam such as the establishment of Sharia law in the UK and free reign given to the building of mosques in the UK etc, according to some, should be outlawed and classed as abusive and racist. Such factors that are creeping into our legal system are tantamount to the denial of free speech, and the denial of freedom of opinion.

Why is this idea important?

The denial of such can never be balanced. We are moving towards a society where anything can be freely promoted but not freely opposed. There's a medical definition for that, it's called cancer (where whichever cell goes into uncontrolled replication and no opposition is forthcoming to check the process). It this happens in society nothing much can stand against it as it invades all the bodies systems.

The answer is not to stop the promotion of these things and therefore curtail the freedom on the one side – but it is certainly, in a dramatic sense of imbalance, should not involve curtailing the freedom of the other either. The freedom to promote ‘Gay pride’ and ‘Gay marriage’ cannot exist without the corresponding freedom to promote the nuclear family as the God intended family unit, and to consider homosexuality as a deviant and destructive agenda.

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