I truly believe that everyone should have a right to say what they want. Like Voltaire I may not agree with what you may say but I will  defend to the death your right to say it. It has come to a point that whenever you say something you have to assert that your not (e.g) sexist.

Why is this idea important?

Obviously I dont agree wih racism, sexism or prejudce against sexual orientation or religion but it's ridiculous for people to think that you can stir up hatred just by expressing an opinion. People shouldn't  just follow others and its a pessimistic view of human nature to think that you can make people have the same prejudces as someone else. When Nick Griffin had a racist conversation in private a few years ago, it was held by a judge that he was not stirring up racial hatred as he was speaking to someone who was already a member of the BNP. Thats  just stupid. I think if people discussed issues in public then it will engage others and therefore you can argue against them in a manner whereby you educate them about why exactly their prejudces are wrong. For example, all muslims are not terrorists and its stupid for people to think that because your a muslim you want to threaten the society you live in.  I think we can make the country better by being more open and targeting these prejudces directly rather that prohibiting people from saying certain things.

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